Big Bus Tours Review: Is It Worth to Try?

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Big Bus Tours Review: Is It Worth to Try?

Citys with Big Bus Tours

As you are searching for transportation to get around, any chance you may end up meet Big Bus Tours during your hunting. For example in London, Washington DC or Paris. Well, this tour business is actually considered as one of the biggest open-up sightseeing tour operators around the world. It offers sightseeing tour for almost 20 cities across three continents including Europe, America and Asia-Pacific.

In the nutshell, this sightseeing tour can be seen as an experienced tour. Because this business since it has been around for almost 10 years. This tour business was formed in 2011 as a result of merger between two sightseeing tour businesses. These two was the Big Bus Company Ltd which is based in London and a tour business based in Paris, Les Cars Rouges. What makes it interesting is that these two companies have been around for more than 20 years.

Coming with a philosophy that let the tour to think globally but act locally. This tour company aims to understand each city’s culture and character including all of the special landmarks which become the key of success. It is also claimed that this tour will become an exceptional one since it is going to provide you with high quality of service level.

Moreover, this tour company also makes sure to provide you with unique sightseeing experience. You will not be easily find in other tours. They also guarantee that they will always try to provide such great experience by developing and innovating new offers and products for any customer around the world.

Attractive Offer

Then, what is actually the thing that is offered by Big Bus Tours? Just like hot it sounds, this company offers you a city tour by bus. In this case, the bus is an open-top bus which offers 360-degree view that makes it possible for you to explore more the city you visit.

When it is claimed to be largest tour business around, it can be actually true considering their services which have been available around the world. In Europe, you can find this open-top bus in several cities including London, Paris, Vienna, Budapest, Istanbul, Dublin and Rome. Then, in America, you can find this tour service in Las Vegas, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and others.

For instance, when you come to Chicago and take this city tour service. You will be able to see the iconic skyscraper of Chicago on panoramic top-deck of the bust. You can also expect for visiting various landmarks in the city. Such as Lake Michigan, Adler Planetarium, Magnificent Mile and more. More interestingly, there will be many fun things that you can do during the tour.

In addition to the cities mentioned above, there are more other cities in the world that has been facilitated by this tour company. For instance, in Middle East, you can enjoy this tour in Dubai, Muscat and Abu Dhabi. Then, in Asia-Pacific, this tour has been available in Darwin, Hong Kong and Sidney.

So, what do you think? You must agree that Big Bus Tours is quite interesting to try. Instead of wandering around and get confused, this city tour will be a perfect thing.


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