Classic Car Wash, for Your Precious Classic Car

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Classic Car Wash, for Your Precious Classic Car
Classic Car Wash, for Your Precious Classic Car Classic Car Wash. It is no secret that owning a classic car will lead us to take a good care of this investment fully. We just want to make sure that our classic car is always clean and gorgeous even though we don’t have any plan to get around with them. However, washing a classic car may not be as easy as you think. You may need to find a professional to help you take care of this precious investment. As you are searching for a car wash, you may happen to find Classic Car Wash which offers a full service car wash for every one of you who wants to make sure that your car always in pristine condition. This car wash offers several service locations around California. You can find them in Campbell, San Jose, Saratoga and Los Gatos.

If you are living around California, it is a good idea to make an appointment for washing your precious classic car. All of the locations are open daily and you can catch them around 7 am until 6 pm. You can simply call one of the service locations above if you want to make an appointment or need more information about this car wash.
Then, what are the services that are offered by this car wash? There are actually several services offered by this car wash. You can check this out below.

  • Car Care Package

Car Care Package is one of the services offered by Classic Car Wash. This service includes one ultimate full service for washing your car per month. Then, it also includes unlimited exterior fast pass service that comes monthly too. You will save 39 percent on the ultimate full service when you choose this service.

  • Exterior

When it comes to exterior service, there are actually three categories of sub service it offers. For the basic one, you will get your wheel bright and your car free from spot. Then, there is also The Lava which offers more services like classic body guard, lava pre-soak and also polish sealer. There is also The Carnauba which is far more complete then the two categories.

  • Full services

There are two options for this service: The Deal and The Ultimate. The Ultimate is more complete than The Deal since it offers Lava Pre-Soak and Carnauba Wax service. Despite these two, the services are the same. It includes wash, polish sealer, air fragrance, tire dressing, interior dusting, body guard, complete interior vacuum, cup holders cleaned and windows cleaned.

  • Detail Performance

When you choose this one, it will offer you various more detail service such as hand wax and carpet express. Let’s take the carpet express as example. This service means that your car carpets and floor mats will be steam cleaning to make it clean. Then there is also leather or upholstery seat treatment.

So, what are you waiting for? It is a kind of worthy car wash service, isn’t it? You can check more about this Classic Car Wash on its official website.

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