The Big Bus Tour: Enjoy Paris in the Fun Way

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The Big Bus Tour: Enjoy Paris in the Fun Way

The Big Bus in Romantic City

Paris has been known as a romantic city in the world. If you love to experience this romantic city by something that is unique and exceptional, the big bus can become one of the best choices to get around. Offering a city tour by an open-top bus, this business is surely something that we can take into account when we are going to spend our holiday in Paris.

This open-top bus is actually not a new thing in Paris. You can even find this bus tour in other cities around Europe. It offers you an ability to get around the city on the bus deck and see the panoramic views as well as iconic landmarks around the city. Just mention the most popular sight in Paris like Eiffel Tower and Arch de Triomphe, you can surely get to move closer to these sights.

What You Can Expect from the Tour

Just like what we have mentioned above, you can expect to get around this romantic city and visit several popular landmarks like Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower. Different with other bus tours which limit your view because you are inside the cabin, this tour offers you an open-top bus with 360-degree view. It means that your tour will be far more enjoyable.

Moreover, you can also expect for a free on-board Wi-Fi. So, you can easily connect to internet and share your moment while on the bus. Frequently, the big bus also offers special promotion that will make you save more money. For instance, if offers 10 percent discount for day tour ticket when you buy the ticket online.

Available Paris Bus Tour Tickets

This bus tour actually offers several types of tour ticket that you can choose as you need. For your information, there are four tour options available here.

  • Classic Ticket

For this kind of tour, you will have a one-day hop on and hop off. You can also expect for English-speaking guides to accompany you. There will be two dissimilar routes for this tour ticket.

  • Deluxe Ticket + Night Tour

This package will give you two-day hop on and hop off. There will be two different routes as well. Since it is two days, you can experience the panoramic night tour and also river cruise tour as well.

  • Premium Ticket

This one is similar with the classic ticket, but you will be able to experience two-day hop on and hop off instead of only one day of bus tour.

  • Deluxe Ticket

Then, there is also deluxe ticket which offers you two-day hop on and hop off as well as two different routes. You can also experience river cruise tour with an English-speaking guides.

Final Thoughts

So, is this city tour worth a try? If you want to experience something different when you are in Paris, you may love to try this tour. More interestingly, you can get around easier with the big bus. All you need to do is book the ticket and ready to get around the city.

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